RedTube to Support Upcoming Net Neutrality ‘Day of Action’ July 12

Adult Site Joins Twitter, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, for ‘Largest Online Protest in History’

(Los Angeles June 27, 2017) – Premier adult video sharing website RedTube is uniting with online heavyweights and joining the worldwide ‘Day of Action’ online July 12 in support of net neutrality laws currently in place with the FCC. The site will be joining Fight for the Future – a non-profit organization working to expand the internet’s power of good, to protest the FCC’s movement to control more of what is seen and done online.

In 2015, net neutrality principles were passed requiring American ISPs to treat all Web traffic equally. This was major achievement of the FCC at the time. The net neutrality regulations were widely praised by open-Internet advocates as many saw them as vital to ensure a level playing ground when it came to the subject of internet access. Fast forward a few years and the new leader of the FCC is ready to abolish those principles.

The Fight for the Future organization has mobilized more than 60 public interest groups and major companies to support their effort including Twitter, Soundcloud, Amazon, Netflix, Etsy, Reddit, Kickstarter, Vimeo, and now, RedTube. All will rally together five days before the first deadline for comments on the FCC’s proposal, in support of the fight against these proposed online restrictions. But this goes beyond a simple protest. The goal of the organization is to raise awareness about the importance of net neutrality.

“The RedTube community understands the necessity of online net neutrality. The removal of this legislation would reduce the consumers’ choice.  Just as every RedTube user appreciates a wide array of choices on our website, we encourage them to fight to continue to have that freedom of choice on the internet as a whole.” said Alex Taylor, Vice-President of RedTube. “Without net neutrality and the principle that all sites are treated equally, ISPs can create walled gardens that favor some services over others and ultimately reduce users’ ability to choose.”

The Day of Action will preserve the public’s rights to free and unlimited access to the open Internet, taking place five days ahead of the first deadline for FCC’s application to create online restrictions for users, including bandwidth throttling, site blocking, censorship and additional user fees. “Net Neutrality is about placing value in an open internet” Taylor continued, “These restrictions will limit access to different ideas, which ultimately means limiting innovation…and sitting still, being idle isn’t in our brand DNA.”

“We urge our fans to get the word out about keeping net neutrality in place, and join in the movement July 12th so we can keep the RedTube porn flowing freely,” said Taylor. “Open, free Internet is the best Internet.”

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About RedTube:

RedTube is a premier adult video sharing platform. Founded in 2007, it is one of the leading online destinations for people seeking free, streaming adult videos. RedTube hosts a vast archive of over 1 million pornographic videos and receives over 20 million visitors a day.  More than just videos, the website also hosts hundreds of thousands of photos and features a social media platform that boasts a thriving community of over 3 million registered users.

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