RedTube and PornHub Launch $100,000 Global Advertising Contest

Leading Adult Entertainment Platforms Solicit Ad Creatives from Budding Businesses, Startups and Entrepreneurs for Opportunity to be Featured on Two of the Most Trafficked Websites in the World

NEW YORK, N.Y. (August 18, 2016) – Today Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, and RedTube, a leading free online adult entertainment site, have co-launched a contest to award $100,000 in advertising space on their sites to a business, startup or entrepreneur. To enter the contest, brands must submit two creatives – one optimized for desktop and the other for mobile — that highlight the applying company, product or service, in a creative and engaging way.

Creativity, originality and how the campaign fits with the platform will all be factors in making the final decision. Submissions, which will be accepted until midnight (EST) on October 31, 2016. An internal panel consisting of executive members from both the Pornhub and RedTube marketing, advertising and sales teams will deliberate and determine the winner, which will be announced in the weeks following the contest’s end.

“With nearly 90 million daily visitors to both Pornhub and RedTube, we offer unprecedented global reach and visibility. And with an eclectic user base full of various demographics, businesses that advertise with us are not only able to connect with their target audience but enhance overall brand visibility across the world,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. “We’re excited to give promising businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to embrace their creativity and utilize our user base.”

In addition to the two creatives required, applicants must submit a description of their business and products. Animations are allowed but must display for a minimum of two seconds. Acceptable file formats include JPEG, GIF and PNG. Maximum file size is 300KB.

Many mainstream brands have benefited from advertising on Pornhub and RedTube. Eat 24, for example, took advantage of the correlation between food and sex, and created a successful campaign that paired food and porn stars. A handful of other major fashion, film and gaming clients have also take advantage of the platform’s extensive reach in recent months.

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